Terms of Service


If you place an order on our site, you agree that you have read through and understand these Terms of Service
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us before payment.
Orders may take up to 12 hours to setup unless it includes an addon, which may take up to 24 hours.
We may cancel any orders, if we believe that the service is being used for fraudulent activities, or the payment method would be likely to fail.


You can cancel any of your services at any time after payment by creating a cancellation request on our site. You may be able to recieve a refund if it meets terms specified in the Refunds section.


Support can be made through many methods specified here: Support Tickets, Discord or Email (support@mcshosting.co).
The Support Team and Staff may delete or cancel any tickets which they believe to be spam or be sent from fradulent accounts.

Server Setup

The inital free server setup may include files transfer, version selection, basic bungeecord network setup (requires multiple servers) and subdomain creation. Any extra server/plugin setup, will require the "Server/Plugin Extra Help/Setup" add-on, which includes plugin installs, error fixing, plugin configuring, extra worlds added and mysql database setup.
Website Hosting includes free setup, which includes file transfer from old host, basic forum setup such as XenForo or any forum that uses PHP and MySQL. Any extra Website Setup will require the "Website Extra Help/Setup" addon, which includes configuring themes.
Free Setups may not be done, if they are too lengthly.

Demo Servers

Demo Servers, are used for trialling our service, and they include no free server support.
If you have placed multiple demo server orders, we can delete/suspend them without notice.
Demo Server will last up to 7 days, we have the right to not accept any demo server orders or delete/suspend your demo server without reason.


Refunds may be given if we receive the cancellation request less than 24 hours after the transaction date.
It is your responsibility to cancel any recurring subscriptions through Paypal, Direct Debit so you are not charged for your cancelled service.
If we receive payment for your cancelled service, the amount will be added to your account balance to use on any other services, refunds may not be eligible.
Domain Purchases or any services with free domains, cannot be refunded as they are registered with our domain provider, please check any spellings or the extension before ordering as they cannot be changed after order.

Excessive Resource Usage

If your plan includes unlimited disk space, CPU, ram or bandwidth, it is based on fair use, and we may contact you or stop your server if it uses too much.

Server Downtime

If there is any downtime, on your server's node or any of our websites/interfaces, we will attempt to notify you via email, announcements or via discord (discord name needs to be specified in your account, you need to join our discord server) If your server cannot be started and it is under our 99% uptime guarantee, you can request extra time based on the downtime from ticket creation time to the time which it has been fixed.